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An overdose occurs when a person takes more of a substance or a combination of substances than their body can handle. Overdoses can be intentional, as an attempt to end a life, or unintentional and accidental, where the person doesn’t realize the quantity, quality or mixture of substances might cause an overdose.

Overdose prevention and intervention provides life savingtools for people at risk of experiencing or witnessing an overdose and potential pathways to improved health and safety.

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Film: 911 Naloxone

Film: Eyes Wide Open


Clear Out Your Medicine Cabinet

In The Mind’s Eye: Issues Of Substance Use in Film + Forum

Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy (99 Recommendations)

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Bootleg Fentanyls Poster 2016

Overdose Prevention Wallet Card

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Review: Ontario Strategy to Prevent Opioid Addiction and Overdose (2017)

Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy (2011)

Between Life and Death: The Barriers to Calling 911 During an Overdose Emergency (2012)

Oxy To Oxy: Impacts & Recommendations Community Forum (2012)

Oxy to Oxy 2: Impacts and Recommendations Community Forum (2012)

A First Portrait of Drug Related Overdoses in Waterloo Region(2008)

Saving Lives: Overdose Prevention & Intervention Projects in Select North American Cities (2008)


Eyes Wide Open 2013:  A Canadian Discussion to Reduce Opioid-Related Harms


Bootleg Fentanyls Advisory 2016

Serious Risks from Emerging Opioid: Fentanyl Analogues  (2013)

In The Media:



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Ontario buys naloxone, an overdose life-saver, then locks it up (Toronto Star, 2013)

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Home Kit Could Prevent Drug Overdose, Doctor Says (Heather Abrey, Kitchener Post, 2013)

Speed up naloxone distribution, says local drug strategy (Guelph Mercury, 2013)

Canada needs strategy to deal with opioid overdoses, workshop hears (Dianne Wood, The Record, 2013)

Mother who lost son to overdose advocates for access to life-saving drug (Frances Barrick, The Record, 2012)

Fear of arrest puts overdose victims in jeopardy: report (Frances Barrick, The Record, 2012)

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