“When kids flourish, crime doesn’t.”

While we traditionally do a good job of serving those easiest to serve, those with more complex needs are often left out in the cold.  Too often the “system” is an unforgiving experience that marginalizes those already at the edge.

A systems-level strategy to engage youth at the margins and at risk of crime and victimization has grown out of lessons learned from INREACH. This strategy seeks to ensure all youth have an opportunity to participate in community and enrich their quality of life- and future.

Youth Gang Prevention – inREACH (2009-2013)

inreachinREACH was a federally-funded youth gang prevention program that assisted youth between the ages of 13-24 and provided supports in the areas of mental health, substance use, education, employment and family support. This was a collaborative project that worked with many social service organizations across Waterloo Region.

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Neighbourhood interventions also provided mentorship programs and recreation supports as alternatives for youth-at-risk of being involved in gangs.

Sharing Our Story: Lessons Learned from the inREACH Experience is a summary of the Process and Monitoring Evaluation of the project.

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Trent’s Trajectory infographic shows return on investment.

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“Bad Kids: How to Create a Criminal” (1999, NCPC)