Canada and the USA are the biggest consumers of opioids in the world1. In Ontario alone, more than 50,000 citizens are dependent on opioids2.

“It could be anybody’s mother or father, anybody’s brother or sister –
we have to respond appropriately”.
– Chief Murray Rodd, Peterborough Lakefield Community Police

The short film 911 Naloxone brings a police chief, a paramedic and a physician together to discuss two initiatives intended to save lives, reduce injuries and ease the financial burden on the health care system:

911 Naloxone highlights the priorities of all first responders during an overdose emergency: saving lives. The film also highlights the role for first responders, community, government, service providers and others to reduce opioid overdose -a leading cause of accidental death.


2   The Way Forward: Stewardship for Prescription Narcotics in Ontario