For nearly 40 years, the Annual Justice Dinner aims to create awareness about issues related to crime, prevention and victimization.  This public event is held each spring and is attended by nearly 400 local dignitaries, community agencies, organizations, and community members.

Past Speakers

Dr. Lori Triano-Antidormi, Honourable Justice Gary Hearn, Dr. John Heintzman (2016)

Local Champions – Larry Gravill,Bryan Larkin, Peter Ringrose, Alison Scott, D’Arcy Farlow, and Rohan Thompson (2015)

Local Champions -John Neufeld, Chris Cowie, Joe-Ann McComb, Tricia Siemens, Brandon Spunar, Andrew Jackson  (2014)

Michael Enright, CBC (2013)

The Honourable Justice Kofi N. Barnes (2012)

Hannah Taylor, Founder – The Ladybug Foundation (2011)

John (Jack) Calhoun, National Crime Prevention Centre (2010)

Dan Gardner, Canadian Journalist (2009)

The Honourable Bob Rae (2008)

Justin Trudeau, Education, Environment & Youth Advocate (2007)

Graham Snyder, Restorative Justice (2006)

10th Anniversary of the Crime Prevention Council (2005)

Monte Kwinter, Minister of Public Safety & Correctional Services (2004)