Say Hi Day

Celebrating 10 Years!

boy waving hi

We have been celebrating Say Hi Day in schools across Waterloo Region since 2007.  Students from JK to Grade 12 are encouraged to say hi to each other and participate in a variety of activities on this day as a way to promote belonging, inclusion, respect and kindness.


Why Say Hi?


“Say Hi Day has had a positive impact on our school and builds an inclusive community for our students.”

Students will get to know each other, feel connected to their school and as a result create a safer school community.

Download materials:

Say Hi Day Activities

Our Teacher’s Guide provides simple ideas for you to include Say Hi Day activities into your existing curriculum. Here are some additional activities:

The Say Hi School campaign is designed to promote safety & inclusion within the school community. The WRCPC does not promote or endorse students speaking to strangers outside of the school. This is intended to be a campaign within the school only.