In 1993 a report of the Standing Committee on Justice and the Solicitor General called “Crime prevention in Canada : toward a national strategy” by Dr. Bob Horner was introduced. This report  acknowledged the limitations of traditional approaches to justice and proposed a shift towards prevention.

“On the basis of the evidence it heard about the rise in criminal activity, the harm done to victims, the increases in resources to fight crime, and the factors associated with crime and criminality, the Committee believes the time has come for Canadians to get serious about crime prevention and fear reduction … Canada should develop and promote a strategy to reduce the opportunities for crime to occur and to respond to the underlying factors associated with criminal behaviour.”



The mandate of the first council was “to write a comprehensive and dynamic safety and crime prevention plan to be implemented within the Region of Waterloo and to assist in its implementation.”

In the early years the focus of council was on Research & Planning; Community Ownership and Interaction; and Crime Prevention Projects.

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