On a February night in 1995…..

Posted on: February 3rd, 2015 By: Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

Maybe even much like February 3rd, 2015… cold, crisp and clear, with a bright full moon.

A group of enthusiastic and passionate community leaders presented the work of the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Council to Waterloo Region Council. At the time, they had been operating for almost 2 years! Their proposal on February 3rd, 1995 was to evolve from a ‘task group’ to a more formal entity, with a paid staff!

Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995

Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995

Looking back can be informative… and sometimes cringe worthy! In 20 years, our language and conceptions about crime and crime prevention have evolved so much!

Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995 Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995 Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995 Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995



Did you catch point number two?? High calibre coordinator! That’s our very own Christiane Sadeler. She’s still the Executive Director to this day.

Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995


Love the heart bullet points!

Region of Waterloo Document, February 3, 1995

Well, there you have it folks, the presentation that launched a crime prevention through social development initiative in Waterloo Region, to the tune of $225,000 over 3 years. Such incredible growth and change over 20 years. If we had a spare $225,000 now…. well, we could do a lot of things. But one thing we would do is hire a really brilliant evaluator to capture and measure the trajectory of community change over the course of 20 years as a result of this thing we now know as the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council.

Can you imagine the things we would learn?

Has the WRCPC made a lasting impression on our community? What is that to you or your organization?

A lot can happen in 15 years

Posted on: December 16th, 2010 By: Smart on Crime

One of my favourite anonymous quotes goes a little like this….. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will probably get you there”. Essentially, without a direction, you can wander around, exploring, and maybe end up in a place you like. Or maybe not.

Within the Region of Waterloo, there has always been a clear community vision, mission and direction about crime prevention being the responsibility of the whole community. Over time, it has yielded both interesting and sobering insights, along with bold and exciting developments in the field of crime prevention through social development. A great deal of leadership, collaboration, research and community development has helped to bring our region to the forefront of crime prevention within Canada.

So what have we been doing since 1994 when this crime prevention council was formed?

From the Archives is a place where we’ll share stories about our successes and failures, our learning, experience and wisdom and community growth over the course of 15 years that has contributed to where we are today. You’ll find notes & quotes, clippings, and of course, plenty of photos!

From time to time, it’s important to look back, reflect on where we’ve come from and understand how it influences what we’ve become and where we’re going. Stay tuned to From the Archives for stories on the evolution of getting to Smart on Crime in Waterloo Region!