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Posted on: August 15th, 2016 By: Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

Earlier this year Friends of Crime Prevention hosted Porch Chats, a series of engaging community conversations about complex topics. Each week we gathered on the porch of the Governor’s House where community leaders led us through conversations about local Truth & Reconciliation processes, Racism & Islamophobia, and Sexual Assault & Consent.

Thanks to everyone who attended our Porch Chat series and joined in the discussion. Through these conversations people shared suggestions for further learning, and, where appropriate, action. Several people cautioned against jumping to action without spending enough time listening to those most affected, and carefully considering our own role in making or supporting change.

Caitlin Cull, a Friend of Crime Prevention, attended all three Porch Chats and was invited to share her reflections with us. As well we have outlined a few of the suggestions for further learning and/or action.

Reflections, Learning & Action

Learning Circles from a First Nations Perspective: Truth & Reconciliation (June 9)

june-2016-porch-chats-011“I believe it’s every person’s responsibility to look for opportunities to address blind spots in our understanding. As I listened, I heard stories of intergenerational trauma of Indigenous people in Canada. It was clear that each of us can play a part in implementing the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” (Caitlin Cull)

Naming the Issue:  Race, Religion and Creating Welcoming Spaces (June 16)

june-2016-porch-chats-028“I was moved to hear stories of racism and racial profiling of young men in our community.  As a white woman with white children I will never need to worry about my children in this way.  I cannot even begin to imagine how it must be for mothers to have these sorts of concerns for their children. These stories are important to hear. Ultimately it can be so easy to turn a blind eye, but we mustn’t.” (Caitlin Cull)

What’s Your Role? Sexual Violence & Consent (June 23)

june-2016-porch-chats-044“The discussion on gender-based violence really highlighted the importance for me of making sure that we are addressing root causes and not treating symptoms. As a mother of sons I have a responsibility to raise children that are able to handle rejection and understand that others do not owe them anything. Working with young men is the first step to really addressing this problem.”  (Caitlin Cull)


Let’s keep the conversation goingLet us know about local initiatives that you are involved with that demonstrate further learning and action.

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